Undercarriage Parts – Care and Maintenance

It’s a known fact that undercarriage parts need to replace once they have worn down. Doing so can be a costly investment. In order to ensure that your undercarriage parts remain working for longer, make sure you check out a few of these tips and tracks for maintenance and longevity.

image showing the different types of undercarriage parts

Always care about track adjustments

One of the most important thing you would be doing is keeping the track adjustment in place. Make sure you check out the reference guide in the user manual which comes with the undercarriage parts. If you find it difficult to adjust tracks on your own, always make sure you get a professional to help you out.

Keeping the undercarriage parts clean

It’s quite important that all these undercarriage parts should be kept clean and debris free at all times. There might be instances when small sharp objects might get lodged into the tracks. It is necessary to take these off and get rid of the dirt as well.

  • Always use a high pressure hose to clean the rubber tracks after every use. This would help lodge of stubborn dirt particles and small jagged stones and pieces of gravel as well.
  • Make sure to dig off the dirt if it’s not possible to clean the tracks with a high pressure hose. This will prevent the dirt buildup.

Tracks which are relatively clean are more resistant to wear and tear and can last longer thus giving greater value for money.

Other maintenance tips for undercarriage parts

  • Undercarriage parts are meant for forward driving. Though you may reverse the machine every now and then, keep in mind that frequent reversing would only cause the tracks to lose their elasticity. Continuous reversing not only increases additional pressure on the tracks but can also increase fuel usage thus making any operation costlier than it should be.
  • Make use of the pin and bush turn. This requires turning the pins and the bush at a 180 degree turn. Doing so would ensure that the undercarriage parts can be used for a longer period of time. The pin and bush turn should be carried out after 5000 hours of sue of the undercarriage parts. Doing so would ensure that you get another three thousand or four thousand hours of extra use.
  • An inspection of the undercarriage parts must be carried out half yearly or so. This should be done by a professional from the company which parts you are using. They will help clean the undercarriage parts and ensure that they are in perfect working order. Carrying out maintenance checks every now and then is often a good idea and reduces constant wear and tear.
  • You might even need to replace the socket rings after some time. Since you may not be able to decide for yourself if you need that to be done, it’s always advisable to leave the maintenance to the professionals only. Not everyone can handle maintaining these parts on their own as it requires expertise and the knowledge.

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