North Lakes Child Care

North Lakes is a small community in Australia, which is known for a range of different things including its quality child care centers. Most of its child care centers offer services for babies as young as six weeks. The trained professionals at these individual locations are well versed in a number of child caring skills, which will leave you confident that your child is in capable hands.

Child Care North Lakes

These facilities offer a range of fun, interactive and even educational activities to their clients. The services each child care center offers may vary, however, most of these facilities offers services which fall under the heading of indoor or outdoor activities.

By specifying activities in two significantly different environments your child is exposed to different aspects of the world while being supervised and nurtured. Through this process, your child learns valuable life skills, such as which behavior is more suitable for a specific environment.

  • Indoor Activities

The indoor activities offered by some of these facilities range from storytelling; indoor games; to arts and crafts. Each facility might have their own interpretation of each activity but the general idea always remains the same.

For story telling some may stick to the traditional narrator’s approach, where one of the caregivers read to the group of children while they sit and listen. Others might take the book club approach, where during or after the reading the children get to discuss important aspects of the story. What contributes to the educational aspect of this event is that most often than not these stories are about life lessons, which is at a level where the children can understand them and learn from them.

Most of the indoor games are design to do much more than allowing the children to have fun. For the babies, some of the games might be geared towards helping them develop their motor skills. Games for the slightly older children are sometimes used to aid in their cognitive development. There are still a few games that are just done for the fun of it.

The arts and craft is a way to aid these young minds in the embracing of their creative sides. This activity is undertaken to encourage creative thinking, which is a valuable asset for any young mind.

  • Outdoor Activities

At most child care centers, the outdoor activities generally comprise of playing in a miniature playground. These playgrounds usually have a swing and a large play field, which the children can play a range of games on.

The outdoor activities at these child care centers are generally geared towards fun rather than learning. Some of these child care centres do offer some unique outdoor activities such as: an exploration trip/nature walk where the children get to walk around the grounds with one of the caregivers as they learn about nature; or a scavenger hunt where the children get to explore the environment for clues that will lead to the ultimate prize.

Some child care in North Lakes facilities might conduct a day trip once per year, this is done rarely because it involves taking the children offsite and this require much more supervision. These trips may take the children to the park, a zoo, a museum or even a field.