Diesel Transfer Pump

Buying Guide

Diesel transfer pumps are used for a variety of purposes and have various uses in industries. Most people would find it difficult to choose the right diesel transfer pump. Different diesel pumps have specific features which make them more suitable for a particular usage.

Make sure to keep the following factors in mind before choosing a diesel transfer pump.

  • Do you want to use it simply as a replacement transfer pump or as a complete unit which dispenses fuel? In case of the latter it should be equipped with a nozzle as well as a flow meter.
  • If you already own a refueling system, it is advisable to simply replace the pump only. For those who are buying the transfer pump for the first time, buying the entire unit is a better option.

The rate of flow of the diesel transfer pump

The flow rate of a machine is measured in liters per minute. It helps determine how quickly the fuel is dispensed. The vehicle which is being refueled has a direct effect on the flow rate. The bigger it is, the faster the pump should dispense the fuel. For example the rate of flow for dispensing fuel to cars and vans can be anywhere around 40 to 45 lpm. For bigger vehicles like Lorries a flow rate of 70 lpm is best. In case of refueling heavy agricultural or industrial machinery, the flow rate needs to be a great deal higher.

The size of the pump

If you want to pump a large amount of fluid in machinery or for an industrial use you would have to consider buying a diesel transfer pump of a bigger capacity.

Trnasfer Pump

Power availability

You can buy diesel transfer pumps with a powered by 230v, 400v and 110v.  in case of an availability of mains power supply, an electrical fuel transfer pump is required. In areas where it is difficult to access a mains power supply, especially in remote places users can make use of low power supply diesel transfer pumps with voltage as low as 12v to 24v. Pumps wit low voltages are available with cables and clips which make it easier to connect them with a vehicle battery.

The environment where the diesel transfer pump would be used

The environment where the pump will be used is often the deciding factor to buy a particular model or design. While most diesel pumps can be used for a variety of purposes, in case of a pump being used to dispense fuel to a fleet of vehicles, it would suffice to use a pump which is compact and doesn’t need to be mobile.

In case of off-road applications, like in agriculture settings or construction areas where it is necessary to refuel machinery, portable low voltage fuel transfer pumps are used. These pumps have a higher flow rate and are effective for refueling bigger and heavy duty machinery.

Careful consideration of all the above mentioned factors would help you find a diesel transfer pump which is well suited for your needs. Stockists normally keep a full range of transfer pumps so make sure you are getting the correct one for the job.