Child Care Coomera

Child Care Coomera

Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

One of the most important thing for your child’s social and mental growth is the time you may want to enroll them in child care Coomera. This time can be stressful for most parents. They may not have an idea on how to prepare their child for kindergarten. What they should teach and how should they teach? What factors should they consider when looking for a kindergarten?

The following is a basic guide from the experts at Child Care Coomera, to help you prepare your child mentally and socially for enrolling in kindergarten.

Basic writing skills at Child Care Coomera

Don’t get overwhelmed when we talk about basic writing skills. After all your child must have been attending child care before they enroll in kindergarten. Even if they have been home schooled all this while, taking some time out to teach your child the alphabets is a great way to prepare them for their upcoming school work. They should be able to recognize the sounds and letters of the alphabet and write them as well. It’s not necessary that the writing should be great, however it must be legible. This can actually help boost your child’s confidence. If it’s possible, allow your child to learn practicing writing their name. It gives them a sense of ownership and an idea about their identity.

Introducing sight words

Practicing sight words before school starts is a great way to allow kids to feel confident in front of their peers. It will actually help them with their reading as well. The basic reason why sight words must be learned is because they don’t follow the phonic rules and that’s why it’s important that children learn to recognize them immediately.

Basic math concepts

Let’s face it, math’s is important for our kids. They should be able to count and recognize their numbers. You can start with something as basic as counting eggs from the grocery basket or counting apples, oranges and pear. Trying to integrate learning with every day chores. It not only helps make lessons interesting but this hands on approach is one of the best way to allow for best learning to take place.

The importance of reading

Reading to your child is one of the best things you could be doing for them. Teach your children to read, make them love their reading. Reading should be done throughout the day and shouldn’t just be reserved for bed time. If you see a particular signboard, make sure you read it aloud to your child. You would soon notice a difference in how they perceive the written word. By teaching you children to read you are opening vistas for them and allowing them to imbibe as much knowledge as possible.

Basic social skills

For those parent whose children have already been attending child care Coomera, social skills can be learned easily. However, if the child has been home schooled, it’s up to the parents to instill those skills in their children.

You can do this by taking your children to the park where they can meet other kids their own age. Give them the concept of sharing their things. The concept of saying the magic words like please, sorry and thank you.

Providing the above mentioned to your children won’t take too much of your time, however, these would eventually help prepare your child for kindergarten.